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Manual Gearbox Services

Whilst generally more robust than automatic gearboxes, manual gearboxes or stick shifts can be damaged through driver mistakes or accidents. The most common causes of gearbox damage include:

  • Downshifting to brake - puts unnecessary stress on your transmission and wears on your brake pads
  • "Riding the clutch" - by maintaining pressure on the clutch whilst shifting, you will wear it out
  • Shifting correctly - work with the car, do not shift in reverse when the car is going forward

Carrying out a full service can help identify problems with your transmission and repair or replace parts that are damaged.

Image of mechanic with wrench

Change your oil at regular intervals

It's also important that to maintain the condition of a manual gearbox, oil should be changed at recommended intervals or once every 2 years - unlike automatic gearboxes, manuals do not have filters or cooling systems to regulate heat.

Cleaning, repairs and replacement of manual gearboxes.
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