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Gearstick in modern car

Automatic Gearbox Services

When the warning light of your car indicates a problem with the transmission or you feel that the gearbox is not operating as normal, it's imperative that you get this checked as soon as possible. In addition, regular servicing checks will help you identify minor issues before they become major and costly concerns.

At the Gearbox Centre we provide a complete service including:

  • Full disassembly of component parts and a thorough chemical wash
  • Inspection of component parts
  • All necessary repair work undertaken
  • Rebuilding of unit using new filter and friction material, gaskets and seals
Image of mechanic with wrench

Beyond repair?

Unfortunately, some gearboxes may be beyond repair if a transmission problem has remained unresolved for a length of time. By agreement we can offer a gearbox replacement with a remanufactured and guaranteed unit. Our stock changes daily, so if you'd like an up-to-the-minute quote, please call us on 01244 544 357.

Cleaning, repairs and replacement of automatic gearboxes.
Call us today on 01244 544 357

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