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Engine diagnostics being carried out by mechanic

Vehicle Diagnostics
and Repairs

Fault indicator light flashing on your vehicle? Suspect a fault with your ABS or airbag lights?

Our mechanics are able to detect faults using the latest launch diagnostics and a fault-code reader linked to your car computer system (present in all modern vehicles). This helps to identify the precise location of the fault and carry out repairs with efficiency. If we cannot locate the fault using this technology, we will undertake a thorough inspection of the vehicle to determine the problem.

Our mechanics have undertaken ZF training on the latest dual mast clutch systems which are available on most modern vehicles. Furthermore, we are very experienced in servicing hybrids, making what might appear a difficult task, stress-free.

Specialising in:

2015-10-14 02:38:27

  • ABS lights and faults
  • Airbag lights and faults
  • Body electrics
  • Engine faults
  • Injector delivery assessment
  • Auto electrics

Keeping your car in peak condition, undertaking repairs.
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